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September 12, 2017


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September Already!? Here's a tea to get you through the transitional weather blues!



Is summer really over??? Please say it ain’t so! We’re not ready for the winter jackets, snow boots, scarves, hats and mitts!


Whether we like it or not, the reality is that this is Canada and the seasons must change. There is a time for winter and a time for summer and a time for winter again. #Sigh

With all that said, no matter the season change we can always have a nice cuppa tea! And with the cooler months approaching quickly why not get warm and cozy with a delicious Caramel Popcorn Latte!

Caramel Popcorn is a caffeinated black tea with walnuts, almonds and apple pieces. This tea just by itself is delightful however to spice things up a bit add some almond milk, a little nutmeg, and the sweetener of your choice and VOILA! You got yourself a delicious Caramel Popcorn La-Tea!

Sounds delicious, you think! But what’s the benefits of drinking a black tea you ask? 

Studies show that black tea can reduce levels of the stress hormone called cortisol when consumed in moderate amounts on a regular basis. So yes if you are having a stressful day a lightly brewed black tea and a warm chocolate chip muffin!

I guess cooler weather doesn't have to be a bad things, especially for us tea lovers. Bring on the cozy weather!


-Love Team T By Daniel

August 05, 2017


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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's USAIN JOLT!

On your mark. Get set. Go!

 With a steady pace in first place we have Mr. Incredible, close behind in second we have Flash & in third place Usain Bolt. Seems to be that Mr. Incredible is slowing down and falling into second place while Flash seems to be taking the lead. But wait! What’s this? It’s Usain Bolt pushing through past Mr. Incredible and Flash, now taking hold in first place. Crossing the finish line first, looks like we’ll be having a new champion. Folks congratulate Mr. Usain Bolt!

 Reporter: “Mr. Usain Bolt how did you mange to pull through from 3rd place to being the new world record holder?’’

 Usain: “You know what, before my race I had an amazing iced drink from T By Daniel called the “Usain Jolt” ironically. I believe they said it was a roasted Yerba Mate tea that has mateen instead of caffeine which will give you that extra “Jolt”. What can I say, it worked!”

 Ladies & gentlemen there you have it, Mr. Usain Bolt drinks T By Daniel’s Usain Jolt!!

 Okay okay you caught us, this story is in no way true, however one can dream a little right?

 This tea right here is a delicious roasted Yerba Mate with chocolate chip pieces, vanilla and cinnamon. Mmm….Mocha Latte anyone?

 For all our coffee lovers out there this tea has a very bold mocha flavour with a nice chocolate undertone and light notes of cinnamon and vanilla. Have it as a hot tea, iced tea, ice latte. Really just make it your own and have fun, we promise it’s delicious! 


Yerba Mate | Usain Jolt

July 09, 2017


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No way.........Canada is 1 FIF-TEA!!! 
Well bring out the Maple Syrup and lets cheers in saying "Happy Birthday Canada!"
Oh July how we've waited for this time to celebrate our Countrys' 150th birthday, this is truly amazing. A beautiful place were we are privileged to so many things and so many opportunities. A country with so many different countries inside.
Wait wait wait... You haven't heard of our cream of Earl Grey Tea with Vanilla and maple notes called "Canadian Eh?" Well no worries, we've got you covered!
Canadian Eh is definitely a tea you want to have for this month, next month and the one after that. Try out this beautiful earl grey with a bit of almond milk and agave as a hot la-Tea! ;) Don't stop there, we know it's super hot outside so try it out as an Iced La-Tea! #yumm! You can literally make the hot version and pour it over ice and sit back and enjoy! 
It really can't get any more patriotic then this. Without further ado let's all stand tall with our hand on our hearts and take a minute sing our amazing National Anthem.
June 04, 2017


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When life give you lemons.....

When life throws you lemons....... make lemonade they say.
However when life throws us lemons.... we slice it up, drop it in hot water and call it tea!
Lemons have been around for a very long time...(like, since the beginning of time)
and have numerous uses and benefits and numerous ways to use it, from eating to healing to even cleaning.
So being big time lemon lovers, we thought, why not add some ginger and rooibos tea to this amazing fruit and call it Jessies Ginger Lemon!
 This combination of ginger and lemon are like Bonnie & Clyde, like two peas in a pod.
If you suddenly have an itchy throat or minor headache give this tea about 5 - 7 minutes of steeping time, then drink it warm to get some relief.
With the base of this tea being Rooibos from the south African Red Bush it is free from caffeine so your kids can enjoy it with you. If they aren't a fan of hot tea then either pour it over ice with a touch of sweetener or put it in the fridge for a couple hours to chill. 
Not only is this tea thirst quenching, it is also quite the crowd pleaser. For those who aren't into the overly sweet and fruity drinks, give this a try at the next party you host. 
May 28, 2017


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Flu Who!?!?!

We get it, rain one day and sunshine the next then cold one day and hot the next. There should be a new roller coaster at wonderland called...... " Canadian Weather".
If you're tired of runny noses, soar throats, coughing g and sneezing, we just might have something that could help you out. Ladies, gents and children we'd love to take this opportunity to introduce to you our power house herbal blend "Flu Who".
A delectable blend of lemongrass, ginger, pink peppercorns, cocount slices, pineapples, cardamom, and cloves. Wheew! Now if these ingredients don't work then maybe..... buckley's will? (yuck!)
Flu who is a herbal blended tea, meaning it has no caffeine so it is definitely a kid friendly option. It's packed with loads of health benefits such as treating stomachaches (lemongrass), coughing and bloating (cardamom / ginger), relief from toothaches (cloves), reducing inflammation (pineapple), and skin health (coconut). This is totally the tea Jack of all trades.
With the warmer months approaching, we recommend this blend as a nice iced tea to cleanse and refresh your pallete, or if you're coming down with something then a hot flu who with a hint of honey would be your best bet.
Knock, knock...
Who's there?
Flu Who?
.... Okay this wasn't as funny as it was in our head... lol  
Happy Sipping
May 20, 2017


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The Healthy Champagne!

Alright everyone it's time to par-Tea! Suns out, long weekends here, and summer is just around the corner.
On the menu for drinks, we've got the delicious "Strawberry Champagne".
So grab all your friends and family, mother's, uncles, grand parents and children because tonight..... drinks are on us!
Now we know what you're probably thinking.. Champagne for children?
Ok, Ok...our mistake....we may have (intentionally) left out a key detail that you should know. This strawberry champagne is actually a tea ;)
And a very refreshing, and fruity tea might we add
This is a beautiful oolong tea is from China.
Aside from the well-known metabolism boosting effects, some benefits of Oolong include improving mental alertness and preventing tooth decay ( Smile wide!).
In this tea we also added freeze dried strawberries, which contain wonderful antioxidant properties, and are packed with vitamins and minerals making strawberries one of the healthiest fruits in town.
Another popular fruit in this tea is papaya, which is originally from Mexico (Arreeebaaa!!) (We couldn't resist!).
Papayas can help fight disease,  reduce inflammation and also have antioxidant properties. So....what more can you ask for?
I hear you whispering....alcohol? LOL, sorry dear reader! But the good news is you can definitely drink this champagne and drive!
It's safe to say that this is a drink that everyone can really enjoy on a nice warm day out at a picnic or family gathering.
Happy Sipping!
So grab your glasses and sippie cups and let's all cheer to summer and hot weather being on the way!!
April 10, 2017


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Keep Blooming! Flowers in your Cup!

April Showers bring.... Tea flowers!!

Ok ok.... we know it actually brings May flowers.... but we thought it was cute ;)

So what do spring and tea have in common......If you guessed flowers than you are a superstar!

A lot of the most popular tea blends out there have gorgeous floral elements to them.

Cornflower petals, safflower petals and even rose petals! Theres nothing more beautiful than to notice a beautiful rose petal floating in your teaware.

Flowers have been steeped for thousands of years and can bring tons of medicinal health benefits when consumed on daily basis, so when you see those extra ingredients in your tea- know that your body is saying, thanks!

Here are a few known benefits of different steeped flowers


Rose Tea helps relieve menstrual cramping and can boost your immune system!

Cornflowers in tea can help relieve anxiety and can soothe an irritable stomach.

Safflowers are known to reduce cholesterol build up in the arteries!

Lavender is a natural relaxer for bedtime and can relieve indigestion.

WOW! I learned so much just writing this blog.

No wonder tea blenders are always throwing these petals into our favourite blends of tea. Not only do they look pretty...they're working hard to make our bodies a little healthier with each sip!

Now when it comes to beauty, there is one tea in particular that comes to our minds. Lets put a little spotlight on our beautiful white tea  "Vanilla Coco Loco" which contains coconut, blue mallow flowers, rose buds and notes of vanilla it's packed with petals and 
white tea , which is know to be the purest form of tea. With benefits of improving oral health, purifying your blood, being an antioxidant & having anti-aging properties, there's just no reason to not give this tea a try!

Adding petals and white tea to your everyday routine might make you just shine a little brighter.
Stay blooming!

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