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The Cast Iron Teapot Review

As big time tea enthusiast and owner of a tea company, you would think that trying tea out of a cast iron teapot would have been one of the first things I would have done. I mean after all, its traditional, tried, tested and true since the days of Ancient China.

Lets just say, once you get a business going, its hard to settle down, to really enjoy the art of tea.

Recently I purchased our "Iron Turtle Cast Iron Teapot" and, for the past two nights, have brewing a cup of tea every evening to see if there was really a difference between cast iron and any other teapot.

The results have been noting short of amazing.

1. The Experience

First off, the experience of brewing tea in this teapot is just flat out fun. Every night is like a little Chinese tea ceremony at home, and I feel like I've really recaptured the genuine excitement of enjoying a cup of tea. I drink tea everyday of my life, so don't get me wrong, I love my tea. But in the hustle and bustle of life sometimes its hard to just take it all in, and for the past two nights I feel like this little teapot has helped me recapture the peaceful experience of enjoying a delicious cup of tea.

2. The TASTE

Omgosh! The TASTE ladies and gentleman...the TASTE!

Have you ever gone to a restaurant that you've never heard of and tried their "most popular dish"...and when they bring it to the table and you take your first bite, your eyes pop open really wide and you think to yourself " WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!? "
This is what the past two night have been like for me! I feel like for the first time in my whole life I am truly tasting tea. I never knew how much of a difference the material of a teapot could make on the actual flavour of the tea. Teas that I've always loved, like our Watch that Mango green tea, went from delicious, to magical. Notes that I never tasted before and new flavours dancing on my tongue that I never knew were there, make me feel like I'm drinking this tea for the first time. A tea I've been drinking for years!

I cannot stress to you, if you are a tea lover, how essential it is for you to experience your favourite flavour of tea in this pot!

3. The brew

Brewing tea can get very tricky at times. If the water is too hot it will burn lighter teas such as green and white tea. If you steep a black or an oolong for too long...things can get really bitter. It can be a little bit of a science to learn how to brew your tea exactly how you like it.

What has been amazing in my Cast Iron teapot experience is that no matter how long the tea steeps, it still tastes fantastic. Last night while enjoying my delicate Mango green tea, it took me about half an hour to drink the whole pot and the great thing is that the brew had the same consistent taste the whole time. It's like magic!

For any tea lover out there contemplating on making the purchase of a cast iron teapot, my overall personal review... It is completely worth it... you will fall in love with tea all over again every time you steep with your new little friend!


You can check out our Iron Turtle at the link below!

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Renata Lewis
Renata Lewis


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