May 25, 2016


As I sit back a relax with my nighttime cup of tea, I cant help but think about how tea makes me feel.

I mean, I may sound a little crazy for saying this, but tea is kind of like that rare, one of a kind friend. You know, the one who listens to your problems, and doesn't interrupt. That friend that actually cares and is just there for you. The one who laughs at your jokes, supports you when your down. That friend you just never forget...

Allow me to explain.

When I'm feeling tired, drained, and I just need a little boost.... I just drink a little Matcha made in Heaven, and BAM! A beautiful burst of energy just hits and helps me carry on with my day with enthusiasm.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, stressed out, or my mind just goes out of control... I steep a pot of Canadian Eh Black Tea, and just lay back and think..and slowly all my cares just seem to disappear.

When I'm on my way to exercise, I steep a nice iced fuzzy peach, to help quench my thirst and keep me hydrated.

When I want to feel like a fancy lady, I drink Cherry Cheek Sencha green tea, because it smells like cherry and roses, which is the obvious recipe for a fancy lady ;)

When I'm sad....those sad lonely days, where the rain is pouring, and you're just sitting at the windowsill, watching the drops of rain.... I just steep some Chocolate Mar-tea-ni....well...because.... chocolate just makes me happy!

I guess you kind of get my drift when I say...Tea is always just there for you when you need it most! And if that wasn't enough, what makes tea even more fantastic is the endless varieties, flavours, and blends. There is literally a tea for every mood, every moment, and every occasion. So magical!


Soooo now, the question of questions...... What's your #teamood!? What tea makes you happy, makes you feel refreshed, keeps you healthy? Are you more of a black tea person, a green tea person, a fruity tea lover? Share your #teamood with us and with the world, and lets introduce as many people as we can to this wonderful friend of a beverage!


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