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OMG!!! The T By Daniel Blog!!

Ladies and gentlemen, it has arrived. It's beautiful...its BLOGIFUL... the official T By Daniel blog.It's like our own little pink diary with a heart shaped key hole......only we forgot to lock it.....tempted?

We want to welcome you into the inside, behind the scenes excitement of building the T By Daniel world, for the perspective of two young entrepreneurs living the Canadian Dream- one cup and one person at a time. What can you expect from our blog? 

  • Our journeys and adventures as we travel through this ocean in our "Entreprenuer-ship" (get it!)
  • Cool facts, tips and health notes about this delicious beverage we have come to know as TEA- so good that you almost forget it's actually healthy for you, in a world full of unhealthy evil arch enemies
  • Special moments, shared with special people. We have amazing customers, who all live amazing lives and each have a story to share.
  • Just cool random stuff, but we promise to keep it interesting

So stay tuned, stay connected and enjoy your stay at

Renata Lewis
Renata Lewis


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