Orange Pekoe Decoded (Feelin' like Indiana Jones right now)

Orange Pekoe Decoded (Feelin' like Indiana Jones right now)

July 27, 2015

The mystery of all time. The question that has boggled the minds of hundred of science experts, historians and archaeologist for the past 35,000 years. A question that may very well change the way we view our purpose on earth……(kinda..)

 What on earth is Orange Pekoe????

 Does it have an orange flavour? Will the color of my tea be orange after steeping it? Does it have anything to do with Home Depot Department store?

 The answer to all of the above is!

 Bill Nye the Science Guy Time!

Orange Pekoe is actually the term that refers to the grading of a tea leaf. In the international tea industry Orange Pekoe is the highest grade of tea you can get. The smaller the leaf the more valuable it is. Why you may ask?

Well the smaller the leaf the younger it is , and therefore the fresher it is. Think of the younger sibling in the family…they’re the newest, they get all the attention, all the love, and they get away with everything you could never dream of. The baby leaf is the most special of all!

Another interesting fact is that Orange Pekoe tea is also picked using the ball of the fingertips, no fingernails or mechanical tools, as these methods can cause bruising to the leaf.

Now does this mean that your orange pekoe teabag is this high quality tea that we’re talking about……Not exactly!

In good old Western World fashion, we got a mixed message, so Orange Pekoe has just become a loosely used term to describe any tea, no matter the quality!

So don’t be fooled! If you’re looking for the baby of the tea family, always choose loose leaf. Try our premium Orange Pekoe, The Brits, to enjoy an English Breakfast that would even have the Queen instagramming her morning cuppa!


 If ya don’t know….now you know!


Happy Sipping!!

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