O Frappy Day!

August 03, 2015

Hello Sun-shining People of the world!


Have you ever tried T By Daniel?

Have you been dreaming of trying us out, but just havn't had a chance to come by yet?

Do you looooooove Frappes?

What if we told you you could get a delicious, icy cold, whipped creme topped chai frappe, for 50% off..................................... Well tomorrow you can!

On Tuesday August 4th (tomorrow), T By Daniel will be hosting our first ever O Frappy Day! Come on in from 11AM to 11PM and get 50% off any of our frappes.

Our frappe menu includes:

The Famous Arctic Lion- A delicious black tea based chai latte made with real, mouthwatering spices... you're gonna love this one

The Matcha Monster- Our delicious green tea based chai, with a shot of matcha. By the way, one shot of matcha= 10 cups of green tea! Talk about healthy!

The Fudge Fantasy- Because everyone loves chocolate, we just had to throw this one in there. A delcious frozen hot chocolate, topped with real whipped creme and chocolate sauce.

This tasty offer is valid for one day only, so bring your friends, bring your kids, bring your dogs! It's gonna be a par-tea!

We are located at 46 Main St N in Downtown Brampton. If you have any questions about the store, O Frappy Day, or anything tea, call us at 905-453-8327

And if things couldn't get any better...... The Garden Square in Downtown Brampton hosts free outdoor movie nights in the garden square, just steps away from T By Daniel. The throwback Tuesday film this week is SPACE JAM! You know...looney tunes....Michael Jordan....memories of the 90's..... It's gonna be and AWESOME night

Happy Long Weekend to all our lovely Canadian customers, and to all our US customers- we'll sleep in for you today :)

Happy Sipping

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