The Magical Camellia Sinensis

The Magical Camellia Sinensis

August 17, 2015


Who is Camellia Sinenses? Some famous Hollywood Actress from the 50’s? The first female astronaut? Maybe the 32nd presidents Rupert Sinensis’ wife?


Actually.. Camellia Sineses is much closer to you then you think. You actually see her everyday, probably twice or even three times a day. She’s the reason why your even reading this blog post at the moment. And the coolest thing about her…. She’s not even a person!


Camellia Sinenses is actually the Latin name for the plant we notoriously know as…..TEA!

Black, green, oolong and white tea all come from this plant, and are simply oxidized at different times to enhance a different flavour and health benefits for each type. Pretty amazing that so much greatness can come out of one plant!

And that folks is your fact of the day!

 Happy Sipping!


P.S The 32nd president was actually Franklin Roosevelt…(just wanted to show off our history skills)

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