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How To Brew The PERFECT Cup of Tea!

Get that kettle boiling, it's time to get sippin'!

​When considering preparing a tea, some people tend to choose teabags over loose leaf. Why on earth would anyone  do something like that you ask? It's faster. You take the tea bag, dunk it in the cup and voila. Loose leaf tea on the other hand, is for the sipper who wants to enjoy the experience of a delicious higher quality tea. The person who wants to savour the aroma that ascends out of their cup when the tea leaf releases it's blissful delight.

That's your kind of cuppa, isn't it? It all boils down (pardon the pun) to quality v.s convenience.

What matters most to you? 

Here are some basic steps for brewing .

 1. Choose a brewing tool (mesh tea ball, strainer, travel mug, french press)

 2.  Rinse your brewing tool with hot water then add the suggested or desired amount of tea leaves (usually 1-2 grams for one 6-8oz cup) our packages usually recommend the best cup.

 3. Pour the correct temperature water over the tea leaves. 

***Important tip*** White teas and green teas will be scorched if steeped in boiling water. Let the water come to a rolling boil to brew white and green tea.  Black teas and herbal teas can handle boiling water.

 4. Let the tea leaves flirt with the water (or infuse) for the times listed below. (minutes)

 White Tea - 1-2  (or as desired)                  Green Tea - 1-2  (or as desired)

 Oolong Tea - 2-3  (or as desired)                Rooibos Tea - 3-5  (or as desired)

  Herbal Tea - 3-5  (or as desired)                   Black Tea - 3-5  (or as desired)

 Follow this guide and you're on the way to a BREW-TEA-FUL loose leaf tea experience.

Happy Sipping!


Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis


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