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5 Reasons To Include Tea in your Daily Routine

February 10, 2017

5 Reasons To Include Tea in your Daily Routine



Well tea lovers we've made it to Thursday Feb.9th. 2017! I mean we are already almost half way through the second month of the year, this is crazy!

Many of us have new goals and or resolutions for the year and we are slowly accomplishing them day by day. With that said it never hurt to also start the year off with some Tea!

Here are our top 5 reasons as to why we should all include tea into our daily routine for the year...

1. Hydration: our body is made up of about 70% of water and tea is about 99% water. So if we add atleast 2 cups of tea per day, then we know that ×+y = the hypotenuse of 5 which means tea is a good aid in hydration! Right...?

2. Antioxidant / Detox: Most, if not all teas can be catagorized under both of these headings. For example we like to say that White tea is the Mercedes Benz of teas, why? Because who wouldn't like to drive in a clean white Mercedes while drinking tea?..Just Kidding! White Tea is know to be the purest form of tea simply because it's the least oxidized and it purifies your blood. How's that for a cleanse / detox.
3. Benefits: Have you ever applied for a job and they hire you and tell you that you have to wait 3 months before you get their "benefits"? Well with Tea, let's just say You are in control of when you want those benefits. For example, if you are low in iron, have a Rooibos tea which comes from the south African Red Bush, or you want to kick start your matabalisim then enjoy a cup of Oolong tea, and if you just want to relax there is nothing better than a beautiful herbal blended tea in your cup.
4. Make it your own: Once people here the word "tea" they immediately think of tea bags in the boxes at the grocery store or classify it as "old fashion". We're here to tell you that tea can be fun and tea can have style. Seriously, on a hot summer day add a few ice cubes and your choice of sweetener. On days like this where its pretty cold,add some almond milk with a touch of agave, some cinnamon and a bit of vanilla and WAH-LAH! You got yourself a Lat-Tea! We here at T By Daniel believe that you dont have to just have tea at home in pj's you can dress fancy too and "Drink Tea In Style."
5. It's Kid friendly: Children look up to us and they follow what we do. If we continue to only have the sweet pops and overly sweet juices that all our children will want. However if we switch it up and introduce them early to have let's say a strawberry tea with some cane sugar or agave, they will accept this because this is all they will know. It's a much healthier alternative for both you and them. 
Again, tea doesn't have to be "boring" or "dull". Dress it up a little and your body will thank you in the long run. Keep it classy and drink tea in style!
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