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Fall in Love with Tea Again!

It's safe to say that not every tea drinker, is an iced tea drinker. Some of us just like our tea hot- really hot! So when the scorching hot summer days roll around, we tea drinkers know that we're just gonna have to wait for cooler days  to comfortably enjoy and cozy evening with a warm cuppa..... And now the season is upon us! The season of, mild days and chilly nights. The season of many beautiful colours. The season of fashionistas, layers, and long sweaters. Fall is back in full effect. Although it wont be too long before we'll be transitioning back into winter, this lovely season gives us the best of both worlds. So tea drinkers lets savour this! Grab you favourite sweater, a good book, a cuddly blanket and hit that kettle!

Renata Lewis
Renata Lewis


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