What to expect at the Toronto Tea Festival!

January 29, 2016

So you think you're a big tea lover? Know everything about tea? Tried everything? Have you been there, and done that?

Even the most knowledgeable tea connoisseurs will be at the Toronto Tea Festival this weekend at the Toronto Reference Library! Running Saturday January 30th & 31st from 10AM to 5PM.

We have been lucky enough to be a part of this amazing festival since its inception in 2013! Each year we meet tons of new lovely people from all parts of the GTA and the US, we sample our popular blends and par-tea! it just gets better and better!

Never heard or been to the Toronto Tea Festival? Here's what can you expect.

1.) Get ready to learn!

The Toronto Tea Festival is loaded with informative tea seminars. Everything from "Tea 101" to more seasoned programs like " Puerh's Roots"

2.) Ever watched a Chinese or Korean Tea Ceremony?

Now is your chance! Experience the art & culture of tea right before your. Its visually beautiful and is the closest to feeling like your in Asia without being in Asia!

3.) The top names in Tea

Check out tons of unique blends, the top vendors in the GTA and beyond. You are bound to find something new

4.) Last but not least....expect to see at least one bowtie

From your friendly neighbourhood tea guy. T By Daniel will be there showcasing our newest blends, giftsets and a snazzy bowtie.

For more information about the tea festival visit http://teafestivaltoronto.com/

Happy Sipping

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