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3 Benefits of Drinking Rooibos Tea

Have you heard of rooibos but never tried it? Well there is no better time to jump on the bandwagon and start adding this delicious beverage to your tea cabinet now.

Rooibos is literally translated as "Red Bush" and is the most popular tea of choice in South Africa, where it is cultivated. It has made its way into our Northern Hemisphere especially over the past few years, and is still fairly new to many, but  this tea is loaded with too many benefits to miss out on!

1.) Rooibos is caffeine free!

If you have been thinking about cutting back on caffeine, then Rooibos tea may be a perfect alternative for you! Rooibos has a naturally light and creamy texture and pairs beautifully with milk and honey. It also comes in several different blends. Everything from nutty to fruity! There is no tea that brings out the flavours of whatever it is blended with quite like rooibos tea does.

2.)  Rooibos is rich in minerals!

Packed with calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc and AHA, there is almost no essential nutrient that this tea does not naturally contain. People who are looking to make healthier choices in their diet steep rooibos tea, chill it and serve it as a cold beverage rather than pops and sugary juices.


3.) Rooibos is great for skin!

Rooibos naturally contains zinc and alpha hydroxy acids which are essential for healthy clear skin health. You can even use rooibos as a facial cleanser, which leaves your skin feel silky and smooth. If you are a DIY face mask maker, you should definitely try it out!


These are only three of the many reasons why you should fight the urge to go with what you know and try something new! Try our newest blend, Cherry Me Up, or our popular Mr.Fuzzy Peach today!

Renata Lewis
Renata Lewis


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