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Blending Tea...You can do it!

Have you ever wondered what your tastebuds would do if you were to mix two of your favourite teas?
Would they dance? Would they sing? Would they quit their job and just give up everything!?
Well.....recently, we've been receiving tonnes of requests on blending delicious teas here at the store. If you have no clue what we’re talking about, don't worry, here's the explanation:
When you blend two teas together, you're taking one tablespoon of each tea,, adding them to the same steeper or your way of straining the leaves, adding hot water and... PRESTO! You've just created a taste that you could now be known as your special–tea! Here's a look at some of the mixes we recommend, and some of our favourite blends!
Caribbean Cruise – Imagine yourself in herbal heaven, for the herbal tea lovers, we have the perfect mix for a hot day. Our Night In Rio, a tropical blend of papayas and pineapple pieces mixed with Orange Creamsicle, an orange, apple and hibiscus fusion will surely make you feel like you're sipping a vacation in a cup! 
Vanilla Lime Detox  – This mix is one that is great for when you're in the mood for a hot tea. We know this blend of green and white tea will do some serious detoxifying! 
Limelight mixed with Vanilla Coco Loco covers the craving for coconuts, rose buds and lime pieces all in one. 
Popular Peppermint – We all know that one popular kid in school everyone just seemed to click with. At T By Daniel, his name is Dr. Breath and he is a herbal tea full of peppermint leaves. You'd be surprised how many teas blend well with this ‘bad breath killer’ and here are some tasty suggestions!
1. Camomint Dreams – A refreshing blast of peppermint and Camomile Sundrops that creates a soothing honey, peppermint taste you will fall in love with. 
2. Golden SilkStrawberry Champagne teams up with Dr. Breath to make a nice mix of strawberry, papaya and peppermint... Yum! 
3. Berry Minty! – Try our “berry great” iced tea, using our popular BFF Herbal Tea with a cool peppermint sensation! 
Now that you've been given some delicious ideas, we encourage you to try them out, or better yet, create your own blends! There's no rules in tea...just a world full of creativi-TEA ! (Ok I'm done with the tea puns now )
Happy Sipping, and dont' forget to share your blend!

Sabrina Gomes
Sabrina Gomes


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