Chocolate Lovers Unite!!

November 04, 2016

With Christmas right around the corner...we all have a lot of thoughts on our mind.
Did we accomplish our new years resolutions? What colours will we decorate the home with...and of course, what are we going to get our loved ones as a token of our love and appreciation for them as we celebrate the close of another year.
Well....if there's one gift we are never too old for....its chocolates, and lots of them!
And we have a tea that  is sure to satisfy the Chocolate Lover.....
Yes yes..It's delicious Chocolate Marteani!
The sweet taste of a toasty, chocolatey sensation in this cool weather is exactly what is needed.
Not only is it deliciously warming, Chocolate Marteani is a black tea, and black teas are known as stress relievers!
So imagine that.. a natural dark chocolate flavour with calendula petals, all mixed into a hot cup, with a bit of sweetener and milk, and you're ready to take on the day- stress free!  Especially delicious on those early mornings or late working afternoons, it's totally the perfect pick-me-up for those smooth dark chocolate lovers but without all the calories! A win-win situation wouldn't you agree?
Chocolate Marteani has been a favourite choice of mine ever since I began to really pay attention to the beauty of it and started drinking it when I had a craving for its rich chocolate taste! 
     Interestingly enough, I grew to love the lattea version of this lovely tea by trying it once, as a sample of the day at the store!
Every day we prepare different samples that give our customers, and sometimes event the staff, a small taste of our tea world. It's a smooth lattea created by mixing our chocolate marteani with a creamy vanilla bean. We call it Mr. Lova lova! (You can proudly say  it's because chocolate makes you fall in love with every bite over and over again). Sometimes, you're in the mood for both chocolate and vanilla, so we say, why can't YOU have both?
You'd be surprised how some would even say it doesn't taste like tea, because it's just.. so… delicious! It's also a healthier alternative and energizer that many prefer to start their day with.  So, if you haven't come down to the shop try Mr. Lova Lova, or Chocolate Marteani on its own, why not put your faith in the desire for your cravings and treat yourself! Christmas shopping at T By Daniel is a great way to remember those cozy winter nights before the big day when Santa would make his big appearance. There's just no denying that little kid we still all have inside of us.
Happy Sipping!
Singing Sabrina <3 

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