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Cottage Night...Our Fall Special-Tea!

     The feeling of fall is finally here. It's in the colours of the trees the crispy cool in the air, and in my snuggly boots! Let's agree that every season has it's wonders that make us love it even more... and it just so happens that this cup of tea, is just what we need! Imagine a nice, warm sip of cottage night while relaxing after a long day. Made of apple pieces, beets, cinnamon and almonds, this caffeine-free treat will definitely do the trick when you're in the mood for winding down after a work day. AND yes! It is our friendly neighbourhood herbal tea, making it's way into our hearts and apart of our lovable in store Special Teas! 
     Mixing our cottage night with our creamy vanilla bean, makes for a cotton candy lattea! (it really does look like pink cotton candy!) Inspiring the tea tasting world with a light pink colour and a nutty, desert flavour in your mouth that will make you wonder where it's been hiding your whole life!
     This is just one of the many special teas on our menu that sooo many have fallen in love with already! Of course, it's a good idea to try it out in this chilly weather, if you haven't had the chance too yet.
We understand what this time of the year can be for some... the transition between free time to back to school school...warm summer nights, to chilly fall breezes... and ice cold teas turning into warm ones... BUT we hope cotton candy will help that transition into a yummy one! Don't be afraid to come in and let one of our retail magicians create your special-tea for the sleepless nights, or the crisp early mornings and feel the flavours of autumn come to life! 
Happy Fall Sipping!
Singing Sabrina <3


Sabrina Gomes
Sabrina Gomes


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November 26, 2016

Recently tried your Lion chai tea and now I am hopelessly addicted. Was interested in knowing the ingredients more so the calories and sugar content. Thanks so much and see you very soon.


October 05, 2016

Best tea ever. So smooth and delicious…like apple pie in a cup. Smells & tastes heavenly

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