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Fun Fall Flavours! Yum!

September 10, 2016

Fun Fall Flavours! Yum!

What does autumn SMELL like to you? Maybe it's the crisp September breeze that reminds you of apple cider OR perhaps it's the sweet scent of a double layer pumpkin cheesecake?! For the T By Daniel family, it's the smell of warm yummy fall flavoured lat-teas!!

Yes, yes... it's that time again...

School is back and you may already be dreading the early morning commute. But just imagine.... walking or driving to school while sipping on a nice warm cup of Apple Strudel. To cheat or not to cheat... this early morning dessert seriously makes you question how something so good is also full of the great benefits of green tea! With notes of apple cinnamon and that toasty feeling of love in a cup, there is a 100% chance that your days will start of even better!

     And since we're on the topic of school.... lets roll with it. We all know everyone gets excited about that break from routine we get to celebrate Halloween (even though it's just one night.)

 BOOO!!!! ......(that totally didn't scare you.... but it was worth a try!)

Picture the time you carved your favourite pumpkin... and then think of the tea with the same name, you've got your Halloween mindset in motion! Jack-O-Lantern is our delicious black tea with notes of pumpkin chai, almond, apple and cinnamon....yummm.. a little something special that WE carved to add to our shelf! A warm Jack-O-Lantern and fall sweater weather go together like... like whip cream on pumpkin pie. Something you just can't resist. 

     Last but not least....walnut and almond pieces mixed together to create a toasty, roasty feeling, describes our delightfully scrumptious black tea, Caramel Popcorn. Another popular blend for our beloved fall favourites! But the flavour doesn't stop there...add a splash of sweetener, fresh frothy milk and sprinkled cinnamon to top it all off! Yum!!  It's time to make those long nights and early mornings something to feel good about. Autumn is a time for back to school, coziness, and the best feeling of a warm tea in the cool breeze. Don't be hesitant to try it for yourself and see exactly what we're talking about because seeing your faces will for sure make our days warmer too! 

Happy Sipping!

Singing Sabrina <3

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