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Have you heard about Humani-Teas?

Every individual is different, but it is our differences that make each of us unique people with special goals, aspirations and breathtaking stories. Stories that we feel should be shared!
Being situated in the heart of our city Brampton, we get to see so many diverse faces and meet beautiful personalities everyday single day!
Many of our customers have been with us since the day we first opened the store and without them, we wouldn't be where we are today. Our lovely customers have become family and we've decided it's time to showcase the undoubtable dedication from those who continuously support T By Daniel!
With a lot of thought and love from your tea-m, the project, Humani-TEAS was born! Inspired by the Humans of New York, our goal was to take the focus off the tea for just a moment, and put the spotlight on the people who make it all possible! 
    When we first started this project our goal was just to take pictures of our some of our favourite T By Daniel personalities- holding our cup- and have them tell us a little something about themselves. We would ask them,
"Tell us one thing you would want the world to know about you."
But the more people came, the more they would talk about their experience with us. Whether it was the way they felt coming to the store, the way they were treated, or just a simple cup of delicious tea- one thing was certain.
Small gestures, can have a really BIG impact.
The Humani-TEAS project changed from showcasing personal stories to inspiring our readers, that it's the little things that really count. 
Reading about how T By Daniel has impacted our customers lives, in any way, warms our hearts everyday to the point where we feel honoured to wake up in the morning and open those doors with welcoming arms! Our goal for the project is to eventually create a book, featuring all the stories of how the little things, like a cup of tea and a smile, can have truly leave a positive impact on someone's life. 
Interested in seeing some of our stories? Visit @shoptbydaniel and be inspired to be the best you you can be and make a difference in someone else's life today!
With love, 
The Tea-m! 
P.S! If you are interested in being featured on our page, please contact our
Campaign Manager Claire, at
Cheers! Singing Sabrina <3

Sabrina Gomes
Sabrina Gomes


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