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Jingle Bells.... too soon?

November 16, 2017 1 Comment

Jingle Bells.... too soon?

Jingle Bells, Jingle bells, Jingle Bell Rr….. Too soon?


After all we are coming close to Christmas, November is soon to be over & the snow is on it’s way! However, people do have up their Christmas trees an Christmas decorations, & are already playing Christmas music in their stores an homes. So as the old saying goes “If you can’t beat em’ join em with a cuppa tea!” or as we’d like to say. Lol


One of the top things to decorate the Christmas tree with is candy canes! Who doesn’t love those sweet peppermint striped candy’s of goodness!? Well guess what? You’re not going to believe this but we here at T By Daniel have actually made those candy canes into TEA! Fellow tea drinkers we’d like to introduce to you a delicious Rooibos blend called “Chocolate Candy Cane!“ Oh yea! There’s chocolate involved too! You’re welcome.


Chocolate Candy Cane has peppermint leaves, calendula petals, cacao bean pieces & natural chocolate flavour. This tea is super rich in flavour, perfect when avoiding caffeine, perfect during the holiday, or even after a big meal to relieve that “why did I eat so much” feeling. If you want to ease your way into the Christmas spirit grab a cuppa this delicious blend and you’ll be singing “ Deck the halls with boughs of holly” in no time!






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Kristel Chartrand
Kristel Chartrand

December 03, 2017

T By Daniel is unique with very special products. I used to be a coffee drinker and started being more health conscious. I gave up coffee and thought it would be very difficult. With T By Daniel’s unique blend of teas, it was easy as I enjoy my tea much more and feel much healthier as a result. I use their Matcha every morning in a smoothie and have made their flavoured green teas a part of my daily diet. I feel more energetic and focused and look forward to my tea every morning. Thank you T By Daniel!

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