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How on earth do I make a good cup of Matcha?

You hear about it all the time. Matcha Lattes, matcha green tea, matcha smoothies...and you've always wondered... What's with this matcha craze?
Well, we’ve also noticed that this delicious green tea has been getting a lot more attention. Are you new to matcha and looking for a superb explanation on how to make it? 
We are more than happy to explain the steps on how to make a perfect cup!
This powdered green tea is literally the powerhouse for antioxidants and if you were curious to know that drinking one cup of matcha is equivalent to drinking 10 cups of green tea, we'd be just as curious to tell you that it iis!!
Isn't that just amazing? No lies friends- straight truth!
Now, it's time to take you on an a little adventure on how to make a cup with what we like to call your “Matcha made in Heaven!”
Here we go!




Teehee...So this is my face when I got hired at T By Daniel and someone asked me to make the a Matcha.....

1. Materials  
Matcha can’t make itself, so these materials are needed to help our green friend out! (Don't want to get him mad so let's get everything we need) 
Bowl , a small round one is preferred 
One teaspoon (Perfect Measuring Teaspoons work best)
Matcha Tea (Matcha Made in Heaven from T By Daniel I hope!)
Bamboo whisk 
 Your favourite mug ( A clear one would be cool so you can see how green your tea is!)
With Matcha, you're not going to want to have such a bitter taste, so let's get the right amount and even out a one teaspoon of matcha..
Then, shake some off until you have half the teaspoon and place it in your matcha bowl.
Add just enough hot water into the bowl to cover the powered matcha.  80 degrees is a good temperature, to avoid a bitter taste. Having too much water can make the next step difficult in terms of finding the clumps left over after whisking! 
The first step here is to grab your bamboo whisk and start whisking your matcha with a up and down motion until you see no clumps. By the time you're done whisking, it should look kinda frothy.
We like to add another step, and swirl the bowl to make sure we get any clumps we may have missed!
( A happier Me...once I learned how to make a good cup of Matcha for my customers!)
Add your beautifully whisked matcha to your cup and fill it with water. Then, stir and if you'd like, add some milk or sweetener. Whatever suits your tastebuds! Being creative is a great thing and this is where you can go nuts.
Adding alternative milks and sweeteners and maybe even blending with some ice ends up with a delicious customized matcha smoothie! However, if you're looking to get the most of the health benefits offered in matcha, we'd recommend drinking it straight up!
We hope you love our green guy as much as we do, and we'd love to hear how your journey in making matcha turned out for you!  If you'd like to purchase our exclusive matcha please click here 
Happy Sipping!
Singing Sabrina <3

Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis


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