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No way.........Canada is 1 FIF-TEA!!! 
Well bring out the Maple Syrup and lets cheers in saying "Happy Birthday Canada!"
Oh July how we've waited for this time to celebrate our Countrys' 150th birthday, this is truly amazing. A beautiful place were we are privileged to so many things and so many opportunities. A country with so many different countries inside.
Wait wait wait... You haven't heard of our cream of Earl Grey Tea with Vanilla and maple notes called "Canadian Eh?" Well no worries, we've got you covered!
Canadian Eh is definitely a tea you want to have for this month, next month and the one after that. Try out this beautiful earl grey with a bit of almond milk and agave as a hot la-Tea! ;) Don't stop there, we know it's super hot outside so try it out as an Iced La-Tea! #yumm! You can literally make the hot version and pour it over ice and sit back and enjoy! 
It really can't get any more patriotic then this. Without further ado let's all stand tall with our hand on our hearts and take a minute sing our amazing National Anthem.

Mary Archer
Mary Archer


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