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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's USAIN JOLT!

On your mark. Get set. Go!

 With a steady pace in first place we have Mr. Incredible, close behind in second we have Flash & in third place Usain Bolt. Seems to be that Mr. Incredible is slowing down and falling into second place while Flash seems to be taking the lead. But wait! What’s this? It’s Usain Bolt pushing through past Mr. Incredible and Flash, now taking hold in first place. Crossing the finish line first, looks like we’ll be having a new champion. Folks congratulate Mr. Usain Bolt!

 Reporter: “Mr. Usain Bolt how did you mange to pull through from 3rd place to being the new world record holder?’’

 Usain: “You know what, before my race I had an amazing iced drink from T By Daniel called the “Usain Jolt” ironically. I believe they said it was a roasted Yerba Mate tea that has mateen instead of caffeine which will give you that extra “Jolt”. What can I say, it worked!”

 Ladies & gentlemen there you have it, Mr. Usain Bolt drinks T By Daniel’s Usain Jolt!!

 Okay okay you caught us, this story is in no way true, however one can dream a little right?

 This tea right here is a delicious roasted Yerba Mate with chocolate chip pieces, vanilla and cinnamon. Mmm….Mocha Latte anyone?

 For all our coffee lovers out there this tea has a very bold mocha flavour with a nice chocolate undertone and light notes of cinnamon and vanilla. Have it as a hot tea, iced tea, ice latte. Really just make it your own and have fun, we promise it’s delicious! 


Yerba Mate | Usain Jolt

Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis


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