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Keep Blooming! Flowers in your Cup!

April Showers bring.... Tea flowers!!

Ok ok.... we know it actually brings May flowers.... but we thought it was cute ;)

So what do spring and tea have in common......If you guessed flowers than you are a superstar!

A lot of the most popular tea blends out there have gorgeous floral elements to them.

Cornflower petals, safflower petals and even rose petals! Theres nothing more beautiful than to notice a beautiful rose petal floating in your teaware.

Flowers have been steeped for thousands of years and can bring tons of medicinal health benefits when consumed on daily basis, so when you see those extra ingredients in your tea- know that your body is saying, thanks!

Here are a few known benefits of different steeped flowers


Rose Tea helps relieve menstrual cramping and can boost your immune system!

Cornflowers in tea can help relieve anxiety and can soothe an irritable stomach.

Safflowers are known to reduce cholesterol build up in the arteries!

Lavender is a natural relaxer for bedtime and can relieve indigestion.

WOW! I learned so much just writing this blog.

No wonder tea blenders are always throwing these petals into our favourite blends of tea. Not only do they look pretty...they're working hard to make our bodies a little healthier with each sip!

Now when it comes to beauty, there is one tea in particular that comes to our minds. Lets put a little spotlight on our beautiful white tea  "Vanilla Coco Loco" which contains coconut, blue mallow flowers, rose buds and notes of vanilla it's packed with petals and 
white tea , which is know to be the purest form of tea. With benefits of improving oral health, purifying your blood, being an antioxidant & having anti-aging properties, there's just no reason to not give this tea a try!

Adding petals and white tea to your everyday routine might make you just shine a little brighter.
Stay blooming!

Renata Lewis
Renata Lewis


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