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Move Oolong! (Get it ;) )


"Move Oolong..... nothing to Tea here!!"

Just kidding, come on can't we all just get Oolong? Lol
Ok, ok...... Enough with the corny puns. Lets really get settled and talk tea! 
If you haven't already guessed it by the puns, we thought this beautiful Taiwanese Tea named Oolong would be nice for a little sip & chat.
Oolong is a traditional Chinese tea. It's originally grown in Fujian but is now mostly produced in Taiwan.
Now the taste of Oolong varies depending on the type that you get. There is a regular oolong and then there is a milk oolong that has a thicker body to it and has a creamy yet buttery note to it. Our most popular tea, "Wow" happens to be one of the most magical oolongs you can find (in our humble opinion)
Now I know....  The question we all want answered  is
"What are the benefits of Oolong Tea?"
Well in short....many! But more specifically, this tea in particular is studied to boost your metabolism.  It's been famously dubbed " The Fat Buster"
It's also an antioxidant, it's good for your hair and skin along with preventing tooth decay. Whew! 
Fun Fact: Oolong is actually right in the middle of green tea and black tea. It is slightly more oxidized than a green tea and slightly less oxidize than black. The leaf is hand  rolled into a ball shape. Once it starts to steap in hot water the leaf fully opens up! #beautiful!
So, with all that info let's not stray to all the other teas let's try and get Oolong with it. #SuperCornyPun
Happy Sipping

Mary Archer
Mary Archer


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