Promos on Promos! Check out the latest T By Daniel Promotions!

August 24, 2016

What's that you hear?
Thats right!!!
Another promotion from your favourite tea store happening! Check out all the latest T By Daniel Promos both in store and online!
In store promos:
#1: The Deja Vu Receipt
Your dreams of coming to the shop twice in one day, without feeling guilty…has finally come true! Let's just say you came by to get your favourite iced tea this morning...yum yum...but as the day passes, you start to crave something sweet. you can come back anytime before 4pm, with your receipt, to purchase any ARCTIC LION 50% OFF!
Just think about it......Cinnamon, nutmeg and honey granules ground into a black or green tea base, blended to make a tasty unforgettable frappé! Oh and let's not forget the soft whipped cream and sweet chocolate drizzle… (Okay, we just really want to see your awesome face twice in one day because once just isn't enough ) #sorrynotsorry 
Expiry: Till Winter
#2- Buy 100 grams of loose tea...get a free treat! 
Discovery time! Let's get seriously cool here and remind you guys that when you purchase 100 grams of any loose leaf tea, you can grab a FREE ICED TEA or 50% OFF an ARCTIC LION! Say it ain't so?! …
Oh, we said it!
We might have also said you could choose 5 of your favourite teas to take home, for $5 each and grab a 5 for $20 deal!  For all the times you're craving a nice cup of tea and can't make it out to us, just remember...we make it easy for you to take a little piece of tbydaniel into your own home!  
Online Promo:
Speaking of being too far away… Are you in L.A? Or Chicago? MAYBE you're in the 6ix and just don't have the time to check out the store your best buds are always talking about.... BUT..... that's okay! Our website has its own online store and you can surely take a look at the variety of loose leaf teas we carry. Each tea also has the ingredients listed so you can search for your favourite flavours to try. is where it's all at! If it’s your first time purchasing anything online, just write the words TBYDFANS at checkout and get 10% off your next order. Why? Because we love you! 
We always love to see new faces and give each of YOU the best smiles and love here at tbydaniel as its always important to remember that  “Today and Tomorrow begin with T.” 
Happy Sipping! 
Singing Sabrina <3

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