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The Healthy Champagne!

Alright everyone it's time to par-Tea! Suns out, long weekends here, and summer is just around the corner.
On the menu for drinks, we've got the delicious "Strawberry Champagne".
So grab all your friends and family, mother's, uncles, grand parents and children because tonight..... drinks are on us!
Now we know what you're probably thinking.. Champagne for children?
Ok, Ok...our mistake....we may have (intentionally) left out a key detail that you should know. This strawberry champagne is actually a tea ;)
And a very refreshing, and fruity tea might we add
This is a beautiful oolong tea is from China.
Aside from the well-known metabolism boosting effects, some benefits of Oolong include improving mental alertness and preventing tooth decay ( Smile wide!).
In this tea we also added freeze dried strawberries, which contain wonderful antioxidant properties, and are packed with vitamins and minerals making strawberries one of the healthiest fruits in town.
Another popular fruit in this tea is papaya, which is originally from Mexico (Arreeebaaa!!) (We couldn't resist!).
Papayas can help fight disease,  reduce inflammation and also have antioxidant properties. So....what more can you ask for?
I hear you whispering....alcohol? LOL, sorry dear reader! But the good news is you can definitely drink this champagne and drive!
It's safe to say that this is a drink that everyone can really enjoy on a nice warm day out at a picnic or family gathering.
Happy Sipping!
So grab your glasses and sippie cups and let's all cheer to summer and hot weather being on the way!!

Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis


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