The T By Daniel Youtube is Live! Have you Subscribed?

September 02, 2016


Hear ye hear ye! Introducing our first Youtube Channel!

     Love vlogs and tea??

So do we! Sometimes... we sit and daydream about sharing our moments in the store with our favourite tea lovers out there. Believe it or not, we miss you guys as much as you miss us! (well...we hope) #awks BUT, we've found a way for you to keep us close even when you're far away! And that is why, we have decided to show the adventures of T by Daniel and launch our FIRST YOUTUBE CHANNEL full of fun, happiness and knowledge on the variety of teas we carry! Best of all, YOU get to know the T By Daniel squad a little more. So stick around, and we'll introduce you to the family!

     Familiar with the sweet taste of vanilla bean mixed together with matcha and our sweet retail magician, who loves to make people laugh? That's our Claire Bear! Tune in to watch her weekly vlogs, and all our videos, covering fun active-teas happening in store.

Looking for tips on the health benefits tea can bring? Patrick has put together his thoughts on different teas and their benefits linked to a motivational fitness lifestyle. In his first segment, called "Pump it up with Pat", you'll see just how affective Oolong tea can be with a great workout plan. 

And it doesn't stop there folks! Our singing Sabrina will stop at nothing to share her love for music and put her skills to the test. Recording each performance live, by singing or even playing instruments, the chance to invite you all into her musical world has finally come true! Obviously, you have great taste in music too, so feel free to shoot her a request below her videos.

And let's be honest here... the team is not complete without our Mighty Mary giving her insight on a tea each week! Introducing you to favourite teas, and going even further to explain their attributes! 

     So now that you've been introduced to the Retail Magicians and their segments, we hope you can subscribe to our channel, and join us on a new adventure each time you tune in!

Happy Sipping!

Singing Sabrina <3


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