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Welcome December!

December 04, 2017

Here we are.. in the home stretch of 2017. *Deep breath* ……Wow!


Welcome December!


This has been an eventful year thus far, we have to admit. A lot has happened, many challenges, many obsticles, many ups & many downs to follow. However with all of this the drive to continue to press through was always there. One of the busiest months is this one for sure. With the crazy cyber Monday, black Friday, Christmas eve, boxing day, new years eve shopping… there is a whole lot going on. You can make this month either super stressful or super fun & exciting!


We’ve decided to make it SUPER FUN & EXCITING by adding not 1, not 2, but THREE NEW TEAS to our tea collection!! WOOT WOOT!!


Here they are loves!


Ginger Peach Snowcone: An elegant White monkey Chinese tea infused with blushing notes of ginger and peach! Mmm!


Nutflix & Tea: A Green tea with delicious almond slices in your cup. All you need now is some popcorn, a blanket & then Just Press Play!


Winter Getaway: A transforming green tea adorned with bits of orange peel & hibiscus that will take you from bone chilling cold to a winter paradise with just one or two


With these 3 new blends, there really isn’t any time to stress. Just Sit. Sip. & Relax.


Merry Christmas & Happy December Loves!




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