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HOW? By Daniel M. Lewis | Novel | Autobiography


Get to know the T By Daniel Founder, for real...

Ask anyone around town today, they'll tell you, he's the "happy-go-lucky," smiling in his sleep, ambitious entrepreneur. Motivational speaker. Retail Magician!
A couple business ventures, a couple awards, not too shabby on the popular scale. Daniel Lewis has moon walked across stages while accepting awards. paraded the streets in blue leotards with iced tea samples strapped to his back and has served up his well-known tea blends to Hollywood celebrities and influencers alike. Coasting through life's everyday adventures, one could easily say Daniel is living the Canadian Dream!

But what would he say?

High school drop out. Gang fights. Drugs. Guns. Charges. Working dead-end jobs, fighting for his life when tragedy suddenly strikes. This was far from a dream. He would say, "I'm just a simple kid with a desire to impact people's lives in a positive way." After being thrown into a whirlwind of unexpected events, his story has now become his message of inspiration and motivation to anyone who has ever felt helpless, hopeless and given up on their dreams.
This is the account of the life of Daniel M. Lewis

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