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Organic Green Silk Gyokuro: 50gr

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    About This Tea
    Organic, Vegan & Gluten-Free

    A skillfully shaded, Organic Gyokuro from the UJI city in the southern outskirts of the Kyoto Prefecture. 

    Tea Type: Green Tea
    How It Tastes

    This tea boasts a sweet, vegetal grassy taste with a nutty-asparagus surprise that is left looming on your palate. 

    How To Brew

    Gyokuro is widely sought after for it's sweetness and pleasant aroma. We highly recommend that you brew with low temperature water to enhance the sweetness and avoid any bitter taste.

    • 1.5 tablespoons of tea leaves (equal to 7 - 8g)
    • Water temperature: 60°C - 70°C (Spring water recommended)
    • Amount of water: 200ml or (7oz)
    • Steeping time: 1.5 - 2 mins.
    • Good for up to 3 infusions using this method.

    Food Pairings 

    We suggest pairing your Gyokuro with vegetable based dishes, sushi or grilled tuna and fish.


    Interesting Facts

    Gyokuro also known as "Jade Dew" and is one of the most expensive Japanese green teas available. The tea bushes are cultivated under shade for three weeks before harvest and this concentrated shading period allows the tea leaves to increase their umami and decrease their astringency. If you want to see the real effect this has on the tea leaves, try eating the leaves after you steep them and see how delicious they are!

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