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As you stroll through the woods, you begin to remember the wonder and enchantment of the forest. Each tree, a story quietly kept in secret, buried in wood and leaves. Who has walked through these trails you ponder? Who's footsteps am I following. Or is it I who has begun to leave a trail? The moist air, and the sound of birds fill your heart with hope and your imagination with magic, as the sun rays peak through the leaf-painted heavens.
TYPE:  ORGANIC, THAILAND HONG CHA (BLACK TEA) ( 3-5 min steep or Gong Fu) 

DRY:  Faint bouquet of forest floor and a toasty back note. hints of dark fruit, large leaves, brown and black in colour, dry, matte appeal.

WET: Sweet, fresh, earthy, camphor, mineral, wet rock, fruity

INFUSION: Sweet, rich honey notes and plum, very mild astringency, smooth mouth feel with a hint of black currant or figs.

GROWING CONDITION- Organically cultivated, subtropical environment, altitude - 1,300 m

PAIRING: Roasted or grilled game meats, rich black forest cake, Milk chocolate with raisins, honey desserts.

PROFILE: Surrounded by ancient trees, showered by constant rainfalls and bathing in the misty warm air of Thailand, this organically cultivated Hong Cha ( Black Tea ) originates in the province of Chiang Rai. Also known as "Jing Shuan," this liquid luxury is left to wither and ferment for up to 24 hours before being dried and perfectly shaped in it's long, twisted form. Every sip is an elegant and exciting adventure of sweet rich honey with brilliant notes of plum and figs, mild astringency, silky on the palate with a blushing tail note of black currant. A real treat for the connoisseur.  

Very Limited Quantities available.

    You can expect benefits such as:

    • Cortisol Cutter (Stress Hormone)
    • Energy Boost

    Leave your stress and cares and worries behind with this stress fightin' machine! Enjoy while on the job to get you through the toughest tasks

     Premium Ingredients- Luxury Organic Black Tea

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