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The fire crackles as the sky begins to paint itself with stars. You stay close to the fire to feel it's warmth on your face as the cool wind brushes against your back. A complete sensation of nature in it's full glory. You pull out your favourite book, surround yourself with a blanket and begin to escape in the words of the author as another day comes to an end.
Gong Fu) 

DRY:  Green, slightly creamy aroma, subtle notes of gardenia flower

WET- Floral, mossy dampness, a subtle hint of geranium, fresh wet peat, cooked veg, cabbage,

INFUSION- Sweet, floral, creamy, milky, nutty, buttery notes quite similar to a Taiwanese Jin Xiuan/ Milk Oolong a very pleasurable experience on the palate.

GROWING CONDITION- Plush green highlands, Altitude - 2788 ft

PAIRING: Creme Brule, Creme Caramel, Fresh fruits, fresh banana bread or pudding

PROFILE:  From the city of Bao Loc in the Lam Dong province tucked away in the highlands of Southern Vietnam, we find this enchanting green oolong. Using ancient Taiwanese methods, this tea undergoes a skillful process in order to obtain it's complex and well appreciated sweet, floral and milky character. It seems quite relative to a creamy milk oolong but somewhat of a more flowery pizzazz on the palate.

Very Limited Quantities available.

    You can expect benefits such as:

    • Boosted Metabolism
    • Focus and alertness

    Ingredients: Luxury Oolong Tea



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