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When Harry Met Meghan


Sparks were flying. The mood was just right, and the fairytale of all ages was about to take place. A beautiful actress and a handsome prince fell win love on an unexpected evening of magic and fate. We are over the moon excited about this year's Royal Wedding. So to celebrate we curated this eye catching tea that sparkles and shimmers and explodes with timeless notes of romantic flavours. Lets all sip to a happily ever after!

You can expect notes of:

  • Premium Chocolate
  • Strawberries
  • Ceylon Black Tea

About the blend:

  • Everything in this blend was made with love. We selected a top notch Ceylon Orange Pekoe for the base in honour of the British Royal Family. We also added purple sprinkles to represent royalty, and silver dragees to symbolize the festive occasion 

    **** Please note that the sprinkles and silver dragees are currently absent from this blend as we are experiencing limited access to our suppliers due to COVid-19 ******

Ingredients: Ceylon Orange Pekoe Black Tea, Chocolate Pieces, Dried Strawberries, Safflowers, Purple Sprinkles, Silver Dragees ( made of sugar), Sugar sprinkles, natural flavours





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