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Virtual Kit - Organic Emerald City Matcha: 15gr

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    About This Tea

    Organic, Vegan & Gluten-Free

    A glowing jade green matcha from the rich, highly prized Okumidori cultivar from a certified organic tea garden in the Shizuoka prefecture in Japan.

    Tea Type: Green Tea (Matcha)

    How It Tastes

    An uplifting, grassy freshness, subtle creamy mouthfeel and light seaweed character. 

    How to Brew

    A great matcha takes a lot of practice, but when done right yields an unforgettable taste! Follow these steps to prepare your matcha.

    • Sift 1 tsp of matcha through a sieve in an empty vessel. (For a creamier final result and to prevent lumps)

    • Warm your matcha bowl with hot water, empty and wipe it dry. Add the 1 tsp of sifted matcha into your now warmed bowl.

    • Add 2oz of 75°C water onto the matcha. (Spring water recommended)

    • Using a bamboo whisk, begin to whisk the matcha (in a capital letter ‘M’ motion.) A mousse start to form. Gradually raise your whisking towards the middle of your matcha, then remove your whisk. The more foam you create, the better your matcha skills have improved! 


    Food Pairings

    We suggest pairing your matcha with a dark, milk or white chocolate. Simply sweeten your palate with the chocolate and then sip your matcha and swirl the flavours around on your tongue.

    Interesting Facts

    Back in the 13th century, the Samurai learned the art of brewing matcha from Zen Buddhist monks. They were taught that consuming matcha could restore their physical bodies and also prepare them mentally for battle. Over time the Samurai perfected the art of making matcha and developed an elaborate framework called "wabi" which detailed how to brew and consume matcha. This deep appreciation for the beverage gave birth to the Japanese tea ceremony we are familiar with today. 

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