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Questions About Our Lion Chai!

Is the Lion Chai available for a limited time only, or is it a permanent product?

The Lion chai has been available exclusively for over one year now and though we had intended to always keep it available for our customers, unfortunately following our decision to dissolve our physical retail store, we have also decided to no longer produce the instant chai. The production of this products is no easy task and requires a lot of resources and logistics, and without a store presence to sell it, it makes it a lot more challenging to properly manage inventory projections.

We will however continue to sell The Lion Chai until our inventory is fully depleted. Please email us for more info or current stock levels. We appreciate your understanding.

Is this the same Lion Chai you have been carrying, or has it changed?

The Lion Chai now available online and in store does have a few variances from the old one. We put a lot of love into this blend, and worked hard with our customers to create a beverage that is unique and unforgettable. We hope you love it and look forward to your feedback!

Is the Lion Chai lactose free?

Yes the Lion Chai is lactose free!

Is the Lion Chai Dairy Free?

While the Lion Chai premix is made with a non-dairy based creamer, it does still contain a small amount of sodium caseinate, a milk derivative comprised of milk proteins. Therefore if you are vegan or severely allergic to milk we would not recommend the Lion. However we do have a variety of other blends that are loose leaf based and completely free of any milk or animal products! Just visit our black, green, herbal, white, rooibos or oolong tea pages!

 Is the Lion Chai gluten free?

Yes the Lion Chai is gluten free and non-gmo also!

Does the Lion Chai contain nuts?

The Lion Chai does contain a nature-identical hazelnut flavouring. While it doesn't directly contain ground hazelnuts, we still advise against anyone consuming the Lion who has severe nut allergies (just to be extra safe!)

How many cups does your the 1kg make?

This will always vary depending on how strong you prefer your chai, what size mug you're using and whether you are using milk, a milk alternative or water. Typically the average mug is 6-8oz. If you go based on our recommended specs, the 1 kg bag will yield about 24 cups made with water, and about 30 cups with milk.


Questions About Our Teas!

Are your teas organic?

We now offer two certified organic teas which can be found in Daniel's Private collection. Namely, these teas are: Nippon Vert and Siam Noir.

Any tea not mentioned above is not certified organic. However, all the teas we carry are sourced from companies that are members of the ethical tea partnership, which ensures fair compensation and safe and monitored tea practices and working conditions. So, no need to worry about any unsafe chemicals being used with your teas.

Can I drink tea if I'm pregnant or breast feeding?

At T By Daniel, we always recommend that you speak with your physician before adding any additional herbs/teas to your diet while pregnant or breast feeding.

Are your teas gluten free?

Although most of our tea blends do not contain any gluten or gluten ingredients, the teas do not come from a certified gluten free facility. This means there is always the slim chance that perhaps they have come into contact with gluten ingredients.

Do your teas contain any flavouring?

Most of our tea blends contain natural flavouring, which are flavours that are typically extracted from natural foods creating essential oils, which are then used to flavour the teas. We carry a very limited selection of teas that contain artificial flavours, and we ensure that all the ingredients (including flavours) are listed on every product and product page.

Do you sell your teas in tea bags?

All of our tea blends are sold as loose leaf teas, meaning they must be steeped using an infuser, a strainer or some other type of strainer. 

We now offer a food service tea bag option for business clients looking to incorporate our teas into their offerings. (restaurants, hotel venues, car dealerships, grocery stores etc..) Are yo interested in offering T By Daniel to your customers or guests? Contact us for more information.

I'm allergic to nuts, how will I know if a tea blend contains nuts in it?

Each product page will contain a full list of ingredients including nuts or any other allergen. 



Questions about Shipping!


How much do you charge for shipping?

Shipping is charged per weight and distance. We ship through Canada Post and have a shipping calculator at checkout so you can always see what your shipping costs would be before placing your order.

Where do you ship to?

Worldwide! Seriously, we can ship to any part of the world :)

What are your ship times?

Ship times may vary. We can usually fulfill most orders within 48 hours, however if we nee more time we will definately be in touch with you

Can I return my order?

Unfortunately we cannot accept tea as a return because we cannot guaranteed that it hasn't been opened and therefore cannot resell. But if you are unsatisfied with your order we will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy!

Can I track my shipment?

Once your order is fulfilled you will receive a tracking number to your email! 

How can I contact customer service?

You can message us directly through our website contact form. (We  try to respond within 48 hours... We try.)

Do I need to sign to receive my package?

You do not need to sign to receive your package unless you personally request this option, which we could certainly arrange if needed!



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