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If you are looking for the Lion Chai..... it is actually part of our specialty latte menu and is only available in store. So you know what that means... Your going to have to come visit us again really soon! Happy Sipping!

Questions About Our Teas!

Are your teas organic?

Our teas are not certified organic. However, all the teas we carry are sourced from companies that are members of the ethical tea partnership, which ensures fair compensation and safe and monitored tea practices and working conditions. So, no need to worry about any unsafe chemicals being used with your teas.

Can I drink tea if I'm pregnant or breast feeding?

At T By Daniel, we always recommend that you speak with your physician before adding any additional herbs/teas to your diet while pregnant or breast feeding.

Are your teas gluten free?

Although most of our tea blends do not contain any gluten or gluten ingredients, the teas do not come from a certified gluten free facility. This means there is always the slim chance that perhaps they have come into contact with gluten ingredients.

Do your teas contain any flavouring?

Most of our tea blends contain natural flavouring, which are flavours that are typically extracted from natural foods creating essential oils, which are then used to flavour the teas. We carry a very limited selection of teas that contain artificial flavours, and we ensure that all the ingredients (including flavours) are listed on every product and product page.

Do you sell your teas in tea bags?

All of our tea blends are sold as loose leaf teas, meaning they must be steeped using an infuser, a strainer or some other type of strainer. 

I'm allergic to nuts, how will I know if a tea blend contains nuts in it?

Each product page will contain a full list of ingredients including nuts or any other allergen. 


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