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We were so thrilled to celebrate the special day (Jan 23rd) , when our Co-Founder Renata Lewis turned 31! We can't begin to tell you how much blood, sweat and tears this awesome woman has put into this company! But we can say, that through her determination, focus and  extraterrestrial ability in research and development, T By Daniel has gone from a one man show operating from a kitchen table to a household name and nation wide recognized brand!

For every Apple, there's a Steve Wonziak

For every Microsoft, there's a Paul Allen

For every Ben, there's a Jerry

For every T By Daniel, there's a Renata Lewis who may not be the face you see all over Instagram, or the face on the cover of books, or the maniac you see running around the local farmer's markets... But the integrity of the company, the functionality of the operations, the maintenance of all the internal aspects of what make a company successful, the Renata's of the world are typically very occupied behind the scenes making these integral parts work and work well. 

So for these things and many more, on behalf of the entire T By Daniel TEA-M, we'd like to wish Renata an extremely Happy 31st Birthday and many many more!

In honour of Renata's birthday (Which was January 23rd for the record)

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