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The Fake Story


Who would have ever thought an educational high school excursion to Dubai would have resulted in 'the handsome young man' Daniel being stranded in the lonesome desert and then starting a tea company?

In late 2010 Daniel arrived in Dubai with his excited classmates on their annual "Places of the World" student trip. Daniel had anticipated this trip for quite some time and thus had no intention of waiting for the tour guide to see what Dubai had to offer.

​After safely storing all his belongings in his hotel room, Daniel packed a large bottle of water with a piece of tape with "by Daniel" written on it and his Blackberry phone and decided to roam the city streets to learn more about the culture of Dubai.  During his exploration of the city Daniel passed an isolated alley-way where he saw two men seconds away from slaughtering a camel! Being the super caring, animal lover that Daniel is he quickly ran towards the men and gestured to them to stop and do no harm to the poor camel. Surprisingly enough Daniel's good merit wasn't enough, the men gestured back that they wanted something of value in return. Daniel searched his pockets and found nothing but an exclusive Blackberry Z10 prototype that was sent to him personally from Thorsten Heins to test the smartphone before it launched in 2013.

​Daniel was not going to let some smartphone stand between his better judgment! He gave the men the phone and they took it and fled leaving the camel with Daniel.  Daniel, confused, angry and lost left the alley and noticed groups of street thugs pointing at him as if he possibly had more items of value in his possession. Daniel decided to escape from danger. He jumped on the camel and headed for the desert.  

​After sojourning in the desert for 2 full days, Daniel was without food, without strength, without hope. Luckily he reached into his backpack and found his large bottle of water which had now been boiled by the desert sun. Daniel turned to the fatigued camel and gave the camel a drink first. As the camel drank the water, Daniel noticed a large, withered leaf tucked into the camel's fur behind it's ear... Starving Daniel, took a nibble of the leaf and found it very bitter but thought to himself, it's this or nothing!

Right then, Daniel had a bright idea! He decided to put the leaf into the boiling water, that way he could bypass the taste of the bitter leaf. After the leaf was put in the water, Daniel noticed a plane far off approaching his direction. He jumped, he thumped, he tossed up sand and did everything he could to get the pilots attention and to his surprise it worked!

The pilot spotted Daniel and made a safe landing to his rescue. Daniel boarded the plane and was safely returned to the city where he was reunited with his classmates. Daniel immediately sent a rescue team to save the camel as well. 

As Daniel began to tell his classmates about his survival story, a bottle with a brass coloured liquid and a piece of tape with "by Daniel" written on it fell out of his bag and a student picked it up, opened the lid and began to drink it.

The student was amazed with the delicious, smooth taste of the beverage and immediately asked Daniel, "where'd you buy this premium quality tea? Daniel replied "Tea?"

Then all the other students began to taste the beverage and agreed that this steeped infusion was AMAZING! Daniel's entrepreneurial instincts began to kick in despite the traumatic experience he had just gone through.

Daniel located the camel which he  named Camellia and Camellia led him to a very large plain of trees all bearing "The Leaf" Daniel built a manufacturing facility out in Dubai and hired workers to oversee the production of the leaf and registered a company called

"T by Daniel" after the piece of tape on the bottled water.  

​This is the story of the T By Daniel 'Start Up'. Since then Thorsten Heins reached out to Daniel and replaced his smartphone.

The End. 

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Yea.....Dan's a little crazy! 

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