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Once upon a time, in a little city called Brampton, there was a little teashop that could. Daniel & Renata Lewis dreamed of bringing fun and exciting flavours of loose leaf tea to their community and little by little starting spreading the word about just how fund tea really was. Their story peaked the interest of many and Daniel began to be invited to speak to youth audiences to share his startup story.



One of the places that invited him to share his journey was the Prince's Charities of Canada. Daniel passionately shared his story and became friends with the lovely team at PCC. In 2017 Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall announced their Royal Visit to Canada in honour of the 150th Canadian anniversary.


An eventful 3 day adventure for the Royal couple, that was planned months in advance. And two weeks before they would touchdown, the Prince made a special request at one of his stops. A request for tea! The amazing PCC team thought "Hey! Lets see if we can get the Prince to try T By Daniel" There was no guarantee that Daniel & Renata would actually be allowed to present and serve the tea, but there was hope that the Prince himself- the future King of England, would be trying T By Daniel.



Ecstatic, Daniel & Renata agreed and immediately starting to figure out what they would serve to His Royal Highness. "Would it be something traditional? Something unique? What about our Lion Chai- after all it is our most popular beverage!" As they rattled their excited little brains over the days that followed, an email from the Government of Canada landed in their inboxes....and application for the 2017 Royal Tour to be... A participant!




Daniel and Renata had only one week to prepare what would be the most monumental moment for their business. "What do we serve? Should we bring a gift? Should we blend a tea from scratch?" What do we wear!?" All question that were to be solved in just a few days. The couple were flooded with media and press requests. Companies sponsored their outfits. Customers and family were proud. And for a moment in time- T By Daniel and the city of Brampton were feeling just a little like Royalty.


On June 30th 2017, history was made. A young Canadian couple with a dream served their Lion Chai to The Prince of Wales. The gifted him with a specially curated blend       "Polo with the Prince" and life and business has never been the same since. And that friends- is a little business fairytale!