The True Story

Many people ask, "What about pizza leads one to start their own tea company?"

Absolutely nothing, replies Daniel, a former General Manager at Dominos Pizza and current handsome founder of the magically delicious tea company T By Daniel.

(He told us to put that in.)

The T By Daniel story is a very simple yet extraordinary one. Best friends since the age of 8, Daniel and Renata Lewis got married in 2010. Daniel was a full time manager at Dominos Pizza, with aspirations of opening his own Dominos franchise in the near future. Renata was working full time as well, as the studio coordinator of  a funky new photography studio.

The Problem? Daniel worked nights while Renata worked days. So as excited as these newlyweds were, they hardly got a chance to see each other or anyone for that matter. But sometimes great ideas can come out of challenging circumstances. One day while walking through the mall Daniel and Renata stumbled upon a loose leaf tea shop. The flavours, varieties, tastes and aromas had them spinning and twirling and sharing this new found excitement with everyone! It also got them wondering why it took them so long to find out about this exciting way of drinking tea.

Enter the Solution: Daniel could no longer fight the desire to spread the excitement of tea to the world. So he kissed his Pizza dreams goodbye and started to do some serious research. While Renata kept snapping those photos, Daniel made it his mission to visit as many tea houses, tea shops and online tea stores as he could to try all the various blends that were offered. Everyday for a year Daniel would head to the library to conduct his own research about tea types/ tea blends and herbal infusions & recipes 
KABOOOM! Daniel officially registered his company T which was changed to T By Daniel a few months later to add a little personal touch. And that folks is where the story began and led to Daniel telling everyone about fascinating beverage and it's benefits while selling and presenting tea in a very exciting fashionable and adventurous way!

O... and if you are wondering why it's not called T By Daniel and Renata...... is just way to long! And Daniel is a little cooler ( Daniel wrote that)

Thanks for reading!


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