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You escape to the mountains. A moment of peace, of rest and of relaxation.
You begin to think of how few moments in your life have felt like this.
The air is crisp. The view is endless. Swirls of greys, blues, whites, greens amaze you. If only this was a movie and you could press pause.
But reality slowly calls you back home. You take one deep breath, look around, and begin your descent.
TYPE: CHINA, SNOW BUDS (2min steep or Multiple steeps Gong Fu)  

Growing Conditions: High mountain grown, Altitude - 3,300 ft.

DRY (smell): - Clean, fresh, earthy, stable

WET: fresh, damp forest, hayish, asparagus, Sweet

INFUSION: sweet mouthfeel of fresh honey and hay, no astringency, stone fruit, a beautiful tea to be desired

PAIRING: White fish, mild cheese, green or red grapes, fresh fruits

PROFILE:  A rare Chinese white tea grown in the South Eastern high mountains of China for more than 100 years. Covered in elegant, silvery-white downy hairs and promises a light, green liquor, this tea will not disappoint. The dry bouquet offers a clean, fresh, earthy, stable fragrance enticing you to pull out your finest teaware. Once immersed in water, the infusion offers a sweet mouthfeel of fresh honey and hay, no astringency with hints of stone fruit remaining on your palette. Best paired with seasoned white fish or mild cheese, you can also excite your taste buds by pairing with green or red grapes for a leisure sitting.

Very Limited Quantities available.

    You can expect benefits such as:

    • Natural Blood Purification
    • Detoxifier

    Ingredients:  Luxury White Tea



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