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Food Service - Mama Bear Magic

Food Service Specs:

Quantity- 56 Tins (15 Biodegradable pyramid tea bags per tin. 2gr of tea per tea bag)




Product Information

"Inhale.... Ahh!" Smell That? Yes! This green tea with lime and turmeric will enlighten your senses, invigorate your soul and energize your body! 

(Recommended as a stand alone tea/ without milk)

You can expect notes of:

  • Lime
  • Turmeric
  • Light Spices

You can expect benefits such as:

  • Increased energy
  • Focus and alertness

Great for drinking in a hot sunny day time, citrus, astringent and with aromas that smell like a batch of fresh limes.

Try it Iced!

Ingredients: Sencha Makoto Green Tea, Ginger, Coriander, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Pepper, Cloves, Natural Lime Flavour

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