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Honey, where's my Chai!

Have you ever heard of Honey Chai? Well, it's the coolest thing to happen to tea since...Earl Grey! Honey Chai is a mix of black tea, and chai spices and that are rolled in  honey.This creates a sticky texture, and an unmatched flavour. So what makes ours extra special? We gave our blend a creative spin by adding lavender and cocoa pieces to create a warming, floral blend that will have you skipping dessert!

You can expect notes of:

  • Premium Chocolate
  • Lavender
  • Chai Spices 

About the blend:

  • Honey or sticky chai does have a sticky texture, but this does not cause the tea to go bad, rather preserving and strengthening the notes of other flavours added to this blend 

Ingredients: Blossom honey, black tea, cinnamon, cocoa shells, cardamom, rose petals, lavender flowers, cloves,  natural flavouring





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