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It's a Boy! Butterfly Blue Pea Flower

In celebration of the birth of co-founders Daniel and Renata's new baby boy, and for all the other happy mommies and daddies who are expecting a little guy, we present you with this beautiful blue flower, that will leave your eyes mesmerized! Butterfly Pea Flower has many special attributes. Its very light and vegetative flavour makes it easy to blend with other teas without altering the taste, leaving behind only its beautiful colour. Butterfly blue pea is also an excellent source of antioxidants for your body, much like green tea, only caffeine free! Not to mention it has even been noted to help soothe inflammation in the body. And the best part....When it brews, it turns blue! So join the celebration, and have some fun with  "It's a Boy!"

You can expect notes of:

  • Herbaceous
  • Vegetative
  • Light flavour

You can expect benefits such as:

  • Increase antioxidants in the body
  • Fight inflammation
  • Caffeine Free Treat

Did you know that if you add lemon to steeped butterfly blue pea, it will turn it purple! Try out this recipie to make your very own, unforgettable purple and blue "It's a Boy Lemonade!" Perfect for your gender reveal party, or baby shower!  Recipe Here


Ingredients- Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers


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