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You slowly remove your sandals allowing your toes to sink into the sand. The air is filled with fresh aroma of the ocean. The sound of the waves like thunder, roar with beauty. You gaze at the large expanse of water wondering how it knows where to stop as it crashes into the shore. An unknown underwater world reminds you of the depth of this majestic moment.
TYPE: ORGANIC, JAPANESE, TAMARYOKUCHA    (1-1.5 min steep OR Gong Fu) 

DRY- Herbaceous bouquet of rosemary and fennel with hints of toasted rice, tightly rolled, consistently Jaded deep forest green leaves.

WET- plush, vegetale, fresh, seaweed with very strong buttery whiffs of corn, very reminiscent of amaranth (callaloo). A highly recommended green tea.

INFUSION- fresh, clean, grassy, sweet, fertile, no astringency, buttery corn

GROWING CONDITION- Island/ Coastal influence, moderate climate

PAIRING: Egg noodles, Basmati rice, Seafood, popcorn and rice cakes

PROFILE-  Organically cultivated on the Kyushu Island in the Miyazaki prefecture, this skillfully shaded Tamaryokucha Japanese green tea is a delicious gem. No exaggeration when we say gem, as its name literally translates as: "Gemstone Green Tea." The dry leaves offer a herbaceous bouquet of rosemary and fennel with hints of toasted rice, but magically transform once steeped to mesmerize you with it's plush, vegetale, fresh, grassy character alongside very present buttery notes of corn, very reminiscent of amaranth (callaloo). Best paired with egg noodles or basmati rice.

Very Limited Quantities available.

    You can expect benefits such as:

    • Increased energy
    • Focus and alertness

    Ingredients: Luxury Organic Green Tea



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